Welcome to Legacy Acres Family Farmstead, our historical 1800's farm is just outside of Bangor, in Kenduskeag, Maine. I'm Cat, a full time mother, homeschooler, wife and small business owner. I wear many hats, and do a lot of things, but I genuinely do specialize in tradition. I'm wicked passionate about unprocessed food, local ingredients and holistic wellness. My family has been in Maine for over 300 years, and I am proud to honor our heritage. I do a lot of things as my ancestors would have, not because it's efficient per say, but because I believe it's my legacy to carry on their Traditions to the next generation.

Many of you know of me from my former blog www.NeoHomesteading.com, where I spent a good amount of years, talking with my community about wholesome recipes, and becoming more self sufficient with what is commonly available in typical suburban neighborhoods. I've found that in my time away from blogging there, I'm happiest when I'm helping people more directly through workshops and community gatherings. 

Portland Press Herald, April 2020

Country Living 2011

I am committed to creating lasting foundations within our communities here in Maine, through slow food education. With information, and access to local wholesome ingredients, we can reconnect with one another, with local, real ingredients and the farmers that grow them.- It's not too late to find our roots, and dig in.

Maine Grain Alliance- Pie Workshop @ Tiller + Rye , Brewer ME


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