Sunflowers For Veterans

Sometime awhile ago, the boys were asked to pick a charity they'd love to support. After some contemplating, my oldest said the Veterans. He explained his Pop Pop, (whom he admires more than just about anyone) is a veteran. He grew up chanting "Oohrah!"  - and other fun Marine diddy's, and I believe what he sees in veterans is what I appreciate so much about my upbringing.   Although we are not carrying on the tradition of being a military household, we have a great pride for our country and those who have served it. "Veterans are almost always awesome." - Riley 

I couldn't agree with him more. We thought of ways to bring support to the  Maine Veterans Homes, and ended up with Operation Sunshine. "Let the Sunshine In" - as a way to bring sunshine to our communities, both the veterans, and the families that meet and play here with us. 

We invested in some equipment and seed, we hand sewed as much as possible as a family.  The tractor, which is older than I am, was not cooperating. We were out of time. Ultimately, we made it through about three acres and it was a great trial run for a maze, which hopefully we can make happen next year? 

This year has been ordinary, in very few ways. Drought did the project no favors, but I didn't want to quit. There was a planned Craft Faire & Fundraiser, but even that didn't play out. I felt really embarrassed. - More than usual even. (Anxiety for the win!)

What would it show the world, if I just gave up? - More importantly what would that show my sons, my husband whom is (almost) always patient with my crazy ideas, and my Dad. 

Fortunately, my dear friend Ellie Markovitch from Story Cooking, offered to come out and host FREE photography workshops for our homeschooling community and beyond! - Through this we were still able to make new friends, and meet together with our flowers, and veterans in mind.

- The virtual fundraiser campaign idea took off, and thankfully #SunflowersForVeterans wasn't a total flop. I'm so happy with the progress we've made, the memories we've shared and the message we've sent, together. 

Free Photography Workshop guests , thank you for participating, it really meant a lot to have your support! 

Keep an eye out for our Sunflowers for veterans prints. - 

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² If you would like to support Sunflowers For Veterans Virtually, please donate directly to  @maineveteranshomes ••• via the link below! 




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